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"Where's Waldo?": Spring Buying Trip 2023: Days 10-14, The Ampurdán, Catalonia - Spain's Provence

Posted on February 24 2023

The two northeastern-most counties in the region of Catalonia, Spain, are known as the upper and lower Ampurdán.

Located along the Mediterranean Coast just below the French border, it is a magical place of rolling green hills, charming stone villages and hill towns and a beautiful coast dotted with small intimate coves that truly combine to make this area the Provence of Spain.

Mediterránia has operated its own warehouse and restoration shop in the lower Ampurdán since 1995. Based in the medieval village of Cruilles, for the past 28 years we have sourced unrestored antiques in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, and have had them carefully refurbished, packed, loaded into containers and shipped by our own team of experienced craftsmen. 

Whatever success that we've had in our business is directly attributable to the fact that we've had our own infrastructure and our base of operations in Spain for nearly three decades. This has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of southern Europe, and particularly of the areas in which to source the best and most unique antique furniture, art and architectural elements for our customers.  

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