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Incorporating Antique Furniture Pieces in Modern Design

Posted on December 20 2018



There is no rule that says your home décor has to be only one style. Sure, modern designs are excellent at grabbing your attention but so are antique pieces. Homeowners who have their heart set on both can have a hard time deciding which one to go for.

But all those people out there needn’t worry about it anymore. Home interior designers can mix the antiques with their modern décor for an overall unique look. Doing so would instantly elevate the beauty of your house.

Read this post for some inspirational antique decorating ideas!

1. Have All the Antiques in One Spot

Most homeowners have beautiful antique stuff even if the pieces are small. But sadly in some households these striking antiques are rusting away covered in dust in their attic rooms. If that’s your case then it’s about time to clean those vintage pieces and place them around your house for antique and modern decor. Just don’t overdo anything. You don’t want to turn your house into a museum.

It is important that you find a focal point in your house. Scattering them in your entire house wouldn’t help you achieve a classy vintage/modern décor look at all.

2. Showcase Your Vintage Dishware

No need to hide away your vintage cocktail cups, glasses, or antique silver china and goblets in your kitchen cabinets (or your Talavera dinnerware!) Since they are rare and unique, owners need to flaunt them. And don’t forget that they will further boost the antique and modern décor of your house. Put them behind your glass cabinet or atop of your simple modern shelf.

There couldn’t be a better way to nail the vintage modern décor. The display of timeless cutlery will make everything appear effortlessly charming.

3. Opt for Dark Wood

If you are all about giving a touch of antique to your house, dark wood furniture is a great antique and modern décor option. To give a modern look, you can place decorative items such as a glass vase on top of the traditional-looking table or desk.

4. Place the Items by Color

Usually in collections antique items are placed according to their type, region, and time period. But your house is not an exhibit so you don’t have to consider this criterion. But what we do recommend you to follow is grouping your vintage collections by their color. The uniformity soothes the eyes, a pleasant sight for all the viewers looking towards it.

Don’t shy away from choosing the modern décor according to your antique items to balance out your antique and modern décor perfectly.  

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