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Adventures in Finding Spanish Antiques

Posted on November 27 2018

Last year I began writing a series of "Where's Waldo?" posts about my travels in Europe, especially in Spain where we have a home and our antique restoration business where we clean up and restore some amazing Spanish antiques as well as antiques from around the Mediterranian. I thought it would be fun to post some of those here on our new website.


Peratallada Spain, Spanish Antiques

I spent most of yesterday morning at our warehouse in Cruilles with our foreman, reviewing the antiques bought thus far on this trip.

I'm constantly amazed how 2 or more people can look at the same
antique and all come away with different impressions as to its
condition. Our chief restorer, Ignacio, swears that my eye
automatically goes directly to any defects or problem areas. He might
be right after all the QC work I did over the years for my first

Late yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours in the village of
Peratallada (literally "carved stone"), one of the oldest and
prettiest towns in the entire area. If you look closely at the second
image, you will see the grooves worn into the volcanic rock street by
iron-rimmed ox carts.

This morning I drove to the foothills of the Pyrenees to see a
colleague who has a warehouse with unrestored antiques before cutting
south to Barcelona. It was bitterly cold with heavy fog in that area.
I'm over-nighting here in Barcelona and then flying out to Madrid
tomorrow evening to begin my trip across far northern Spain.

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